Questions For End Of Year Reflection

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Melissa West
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The end of the year often brings with it an opportunity to pause and reflect on the past twelve months and to think ahead to the future. To support you with this, we've put together a set of reflective questions designed to help you review your personal and professional growth over the past year and set a positive trajectory for the year ahead.

We encourage you to take thirty minutes of uninterrupted time, finding a peaceful space conducive to focused reflection. Allocate five minutes to contemplate each question, allowing yourself to think deeply. Record your thoughts in a manner that works best for you- whether it's through notes, mind maps, or speedwriting.

Here are the questions to guide your reflection:

  • What work are you most proud of this year?

  • Who has best supported your development this year? 

  • What have you learned about yourself this year?

  • What is one thing you could have done differently?

  • What is one skill you are looking to develop next year?

  • What is one change you are excited to make for next year?

We hope these questions are a useful springboard for further self-discovery and growth.

Need support in exploring these questions?

If you’d like to work on these questions with us, feel free to get in touch.