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Our coaching services aim to support you in various aspects of your personal and professional life, helping you gain clarity, build confidence, and unlock your true capabilities. Whatever your challenges or aspirations may be, we are here to guide you on your journey of growth and transformation.
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What We Offer

We offer a one-off problem-solving session, for when you just want the support of a coach to think through a specific challenge, as well as longer coaching programmes tailored to your specific requirements. Our sessions are online (via a video platform) or face-to-face in the Oxford area.
  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome

    We help you identify and address self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Our coaching approach fosters self-awareness, empowering you to manage these internal barriers effectively, while increasing your confidence and resilience.
  • Career Progression and Potential Unlocking

    Whether you aspire to advance in your current career or explore new opportunities, we provide guidance to help you unlock your potential. We support you to set clear goals, develop the necessary skills, and create strategies to make a successful transition to the next level of your professional journey.
  • Work and Life Reassessment

    If you find yourself seeking a change in your work or life, we can help you reassess your priorities and develop a plan to navigate these transitions successfully. Our coaching sessions provide a supportive environment for you to explore new directions, define what you truly want, and create a roadmap to make the desired changes a reality.
  • Leadership Development

    Understanding your leadership style and honing your leadership skills are essential for achieving your professional goals. We work with you to explore your leadership style, identify areas for growth, and develop the necessary skills to become the leader you aspire to be, making a positive impact on those around you.
  • Managing Priorities and Wellbeing

    In today's fast-paced world, balancing conflicting priorities and maintaining wellbeing can be a challenge. We can provide you with strategies and tools to manage competing demands, prioritise effectively, and cultivate wellbeing, self-compassion, and self-care practices that support your overall success and resilience.
  • Values and Strengths Clarity

    Through our coaching sessions, we assist you in gaining a deep understanding of your core values and strengths. By aligning your actions and decisions with what truly matters to you, you will feel more empowered and equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way, both personally and professionally.

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